History Books for Sale

We have for sale: Index to the Knoxville History, index to the Old Deerfield history, copies of the Old Deerfield history book, copies of the Knoxville Through the Eyes of Ivan Willard Edgcomb book, and various other local history items. We no longer have copies of the Knoxville History book.

Sesquicentennial History of Knoxville, Tioga County, Pa,” by Edwin A. Glover.
(Reprint of 1951 Centennial History plus 1951-2001) $7.00 plus P&H

1951 Centennial History of Knoxville, Tioga County, PA, Table of contents and index,”
by Eugene A. Seelye – $3.00 plus P&H

A History of the First Baptist Church, Knoxville, Tioga County, PA, 1868-1968,”
by Eugene A. Seelye – $3.00 plus P&H

Creatures, Or Not So Dumb Animals – Cartoons,” by Warren Goodrich. 2001 – $3.00 plus P&H

An Artists’ Life, or You Never Know What You’ll be Remembered For,”
Written and Illustrated by Warren Goodrich 2001 – $3.00 plus P&H

Knoxville Public Library (Knoxville, Tioga Co., PA) note cards. Pkg. of 10 $6.00